Inside my studio in Lyon, France

My studio is located in my garden. It is big, bright and inspiring. It’s my world with my paintings and drawings. It’s where my memories and beautiful words surround me.

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Exhibition at Puces du Canal, Lyon-France


SIMONE SISTERS, 34 Quai Saint-Antoine, Lyon 2ème, France – A beautiful artistic story with Cecile full of synergies and friendship. A meaningful dialogue between her home furnishings universe and my paintings !


Maison OMANI, 62 Boulevard de Ménilmontant, Paris 20ème, France – A unique encounter with Cecile Omani and her raw and ethnic universe, in the artsy and bohemian district of the 20th arrondissement.

When Art meets Fashion

Paint « to wear ». In a moment of freedom where the brushstroke escaped from the paper to slide onto a piece fabric…